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SKF Pulleys

Belt performance is highly dependant on pulley performance. High quality pulleys significantly increase belt life and reduce the total cost of ownership of your machinery.

At Nakib Picasso, we retail a range of pulleys which are:

  • Manufactured according to relevant ISO or RMA standards to ensure optimum performance

  • Statically-balanced to G6.3 balancing quality

  • Equipped with taper bushes for quick and accurate installation

  • Phosphate-coated for corrosion resistance

Nakib Picasso also offers a range of pulleys in all belt profiles, with plain, taper bush or “QD” configuration. Friction type locking assemblies are also available on request.

To conduct a search, start by selecting a product from the "Search" box below. Alternatively, contact our local SKF distributor office for more details.

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